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Steely Dan live at Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA, USA on Sep 26, 2003

Sep 26, 2003
Coors Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, CA, USA
Everything Must Go
  1. Cubano Chant
  2. Aja
  3. Time Out of Mind
  4. Godwhacker
  5. Caves of Altamira
  6. Black Cow
  7. Babylon Sisters
  8. Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More
  9. Peg
  10. Home at Last
  11. The Steely Dan Show
  12. Janie Runaway
  13. Hey Nineteen
  14. Haitian Divorce
  15. The Last Mall
  16. Parker's Band
  17. Josie
  18. Kid Charlemagne
  19. Don't Take Me Alive
  20. My Old School
  21. FM (No Static At All)

Bootleg Info

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Steely Dan
Chula Vista, CA
Coors Amphitheatre

Stereo Audience Recording

Audience > ? > DAT to CR via optical cable > FLAC Frontend Level 8 > Traders Little Helper

Thanks to TTD member ZoomLV for procuring the recording for sharing here!

Set 1

01 Cubano Chant (Ray Bryant Instrumental)
02 Aja
03 Time Out of Mind
04 GodWhacker
05 Caves of Altamira
06 Black Cow
07 Babylon Sisters
08 Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More (with band intros)
09 Peg
10 Home at Last

Set 2

01 The Steely Dan Show
02 Janie Runaway > Hey 19
03 Haitian Divorce
04 The Last Mall
05 Parker's Band
06 Josie (with Drum Solo)
07 Kid Charlemagne
08 Don't Take Me Alive
09 My Old School
10 FM

The Band:

Donald Fagen: vocals, fender rhodes, Melodica
Walter Becker: guitar, vocals
Tom Barney: 5 string bass
Ted Baker: grand piano, synth, fender rhodes
Keith Carlock: drums
Jon Herington: guitars
Cornelius Bumpus: tenor saxophone
Walt Weiskopf: tenor saxophone
Michael Leonhart: trumpet
Jim Pugh: tenor trombone
Cindy Mizelle, Carolyn Leonhart, Cynthia Calhoun: backup vocals