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Steely Dan live at Seneca Events Center, Niagara Falls, NY, USA on Aug 8, 2014

Aug 8, 2014
Seneca Events Center, Niagara Falls, NY, USA
Jamalot Ever After
  1. Cubano Chant
  2. Black Cow
  3. Aja
  4. Hey Nineteen
  5. Black Friday
  6. Show Biz Kids
  7. Time Out of Mind
  8. Razor Boy
  9. Bodhisattva
  10. Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More
  11. I Want To (Do Everything for You)
  12. Josie
  13. Peg
  14. My Old School
  15. Reelin' in the Years
  16. Kid Charlemagne
  17. The Untouchables

Bootleg Info

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"2014 Jamalot Ever After" Tour
Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel
Seneca Events Center
Niagara, N.Y.
August 8, 2014 [Friday show started about 8:10 pm]

Attendance: 2700 people [Show Sold Out]

A Gratefully Little Deadicated Feat Recording [2014, show #3]

Recorded, Mastering & Editing by Happy Jack [aka:dedhed69]
with Photos

Audience Recording
Location: Right of Stage: Section:102 - Row: 7 Seat:11 [several seats over from the right stack PA]

Source: CA-14 [cardioids] > CA- 9200 preamp > Sony PCM-M10
Settings: CA-9200 preamp at +10db [High Pass Filter or (Bass Roll Off) turned OFF],
Sony PCM-M10 manual record level at 7.5
Recording Mode: LPCM [wav] 96.00kHz/24bit

Transfer: Sony PCM-M10 [ SanDisk Ultra [MicroSDHC] 8gb (class10)] > my Laptob HD [by way of USB] > 96kHz/24bit.WAV

Lineage: 96kHz/24bit.WAV > Adobe Audition 3.0. > WaveLab6 > iZotope Ozone 3 > CD Wave Editor > TLH > Flac 24

01. Cubano Chant ^
02. Black Cow
03. Aja #
04. Hey Nineteen > Walter Becker Casino Night chat > Hey Nineteen
05. Black Friday
06. Show Biz Kids @
07. Time Out Of My Mind
08. Razor Boy ^^
09. Bodhisattva
10. Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More
11. I Want To (Do Everything for You) * > Band Intros by Walter Becker > I Want To (Do Everything for You) *
12. Josie
13. Peg
14. My Old School
15. Reelin' in the Years > drum solo
16. Encore
17. Kid Charlemagne
18. Untouchables Theme **

Show Notes
^ Band Only
# drum solo at end of song
@ Funky Groovy Version, With Walt Weiskopf on Alto Sax
^^ Backup Singers only
* Joe Tex cover
** Nelson Riddle cover, Band Only

Source Notes
I was not happy with the venue.The stage is up about 4'. BUT the seating is all one level seating. So with sercurity tight as always with Steely Dan. This venue really needs mics on stands above since the crowd is all the same level. I did the best considering the people I had around me.

+/- db gain to Softened some whistles,talkers & loud claps between songs
Removal of DC Offset

Creators & Writers
Donald Fagen - fender rhodes, melodica & vocals
Walter Becker - guitars & vocals

Ryhthm Section
Jim Beard - keyboards
Keith Carlock - drums
Freddie Washington - bass
Jon Herington - guitars

Horn Section
Michael Leonhart - trumpet, keys
Roger Rosenberg - baritone saxophone
Walt Weiskof - tenor and alto saxophone
Jim Pugh - tenor trombone

La Tanya Hall - Backing Vocals & percussion
Cindy Mizelle - Backing Vocals & percussion
Carolyn Leonhart-Escoffery - Backing Vocals & percussion


Steely Dan
Buy there Music. Go See Them LIVE !!

Added Notes by Happy Jack
Thanks To My wife for all her help & support
There was one other Taper There at this Show. Source does circulate.
added flac fingerprints
added md5
added shn len text
Photos included


ENJOY/SHARE WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS [That you trust & just loves the music]

Happy Jack
Please beware of us old school tapers who may have lost the tolerance for being disrespected! After so many years how many end up asking for a show!!!
Please Be Kind

c4f1a36873a5d62c64745dd578245bcc *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards. Track01. Cubano Chant .flac
7dfa67b2ac75d0951b1e4a157958e1b1 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards. Track02. Black Cow .flac
1b96a4149c3d4e8e9083e114f71747f0 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track03. Aja .flac
9d413fd4c244c1ee526d41e890bdcb09 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track04. Hey Nineteen .flac
dbe5380bba6b3e559c62d282343bfc6b *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track05. Black Friday.flac
65f807fef3961050192475e051d274ee *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track06. Show Biz Kids.flac
9eaa1f7b0922318666553a6538dd088a *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track07. Time Out Of My Mind.flac
b58200652727aed88c939f751c4b50f0 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track08. Razor Boy .flac
d0a043e480e99b534bd974ab806f8860 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track09. Bodhisattva.flac
4a28daed4aa0e9b7f85f98d35ec24cb1 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track10. Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More .flac
903a82d650596bc75e4b63fbe6f161cd *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track11. I Want To (Do Everything for You) .flac
bfd5da83dd3d83458028ad8b513157e2 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track12. Josie.flac
634e0eb5f97ee436e3798dfc0fd5a072 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track13. Peg.flac
4a3b9eadef3c47033e5df43fc393157a *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track14. My Old School.flac
38d63486d135d5e58e1959611d1bd5e9 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track15. Reelin in the Years drum solo.flac
686a47a3c43d62f5a7bcd8ed8869f044 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track16. Encore .flac
bcf42b4c64e22ee24941a851659e8f6f *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track17. Kid Charlemagne .flac
4854e774a7201cf49d1d2d2687bb0c59 *SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track18. Untouchables Theme .flac

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
4:23.693 151887404 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5709 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards. Track01. Cubano Chant .flac
5:19.573 184074284 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5875 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards. Track02. Black Cow .flac
8:18.627 287209004 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5886 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track03. Aja .flac
8:13.973 284528684 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5753 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track04. Hey Nineteen .flac
4:31.613 156449324 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5888 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track05. Black Friday.flac
6:55.600 239385644 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5850 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track06. Show Biz Kids.flac
5:37.000 194112044 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5863 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track07. Time Out Of My Mind.flac
5:07.213 176954924 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5611 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track08. Razor Boy .flac
5:29.920 190033964 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5994 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track09. Bodhisattva.flac
3:38.373 125783084 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5890 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track10. Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More .flac
9:40.427 334325804 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5788 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track11. I Want To (Do Everything for You) .flac
5:18.187 183275564 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5929 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track12. Josie.flac
4:22.920 151441964 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5931 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track13. Peg.flac
6:14.280 215585324 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5963 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track14. My Old School.flac
6:21.027 219471404 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5980 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track15. Reelin in the Years drum solo.flac
2:32.320 87736364 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5566 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track16. Encore .flac
5:38.360 194895404 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.6038 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track17. Kid Charlemagne .flac
1:25.451 49219562 B cxx -- ---xx flac 0.5909 SteelyDan2014-08-08.ca14cards.Track18. Untouchables Theme .flac
99:08.557 3426369750 B 0.5861 (18 files)