Yaynay: a platform for localised democracy

Yaynay: a platform for localised democracy

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Aaron and I have made an app to help people decide how they want to vote in the EU referendum. If you haven’t made your mind up about the UK’s forthcoming referendum on EU membership, or even if you are open to finding out more about it, I welcome you to take a look.

“Yaynay” is a quiz comprising multiple categories related to EU membership, presenting a series of nonpartisan facts along the way. If you read and think about the facts, then respond to the statement presented, we will, at the end, present you with a pretty accurate statement about the alignment of your views.

The EU referendum marks a turning point in our country’s history and progress, and it is important that the outcome is not based wholly on media and campaigner-emphasised issues, such as immigration and terrorism. Yaynay seeks to expose as wide an audience as possible to more key issues that EU membership covers (though the list is by no means exhaustive).

I am no expert on EU membership, nor on any of the issues included in the quiz. I have collected the facts presented in the quiz over time from various sources and have tried to convey them in an impartial manner. I welcome comments regarding the style and structure of the questions, facts, responses etc.

I also encourage everyone to actually vote. There’s a split between Ins and Outs according to age, and also a divergence of voter-turnout according to age (with over-65s overwhelmingly more likely to show up), meaning that if the young demographic doesn’t turn out to vote the results will be skewed — possibly not in your favour.

Thanks for reading!

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