Todd Navigation Website Redesign

Todd Navigation Website Redesign

Legal professional with strong interest in antitrust, strategy and new technology.

This summer I led the re-design of the online shop of my father’s business, Todd Navigation. This involved me designing a complete e-commerce website template using the Bootstrap 3 framework and liaising regularly with the front-end developer to implement the design accordingly. My design ethos included:

  • Clean and sharp edges to mark boundaries, with rounded edges to denote content;
  • Use of colours to convey information, such as an active basket, external links, etc.;
  • Use of cards to intuitively but subtly mark the boundaries of certain content types;
  • Tailor made spaces for content specific to the industry, such as the “New Editions” section;
  • Mobile optimisation;
  • Consistent use of brand colours and fonts;
  • Customer service orientated, with prominent links to email addresses and telephone numbers.

Below is a screenshot of the home-page: