How to use Facebook Page photos to advertise your business’s brand

How to use Facebook Page photos to advertise your business’s brand

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I have spent some time recently handling social media marketing for my father’s business, Todd Navigation. I knew that I had seen various companies advertise their brands through the Featured Photos box on their Facebook Page, so I looked for a quick tutorial describing how to do this (because I’m too lazy to think).

I couldn’t find one, so decided to do it myself and write up a quick tutorial. So here’s the end result:

And here’s how to do it.

1) Download this PDF template.

It will show you where exactly to crop the image so that elements in your image that are designed to flow into the next one are not rudely interrupted.

2) Design your image, which should be square, in the template.

Crop the image 3 times for each segment of the image. Include the 1 px red line for each image, just excluding the 4 px high rectangle. This ensures that continuous elements flow, like the triangles in the example above. After cropping, hide the Grid layer. Save each segment.

3) Upload your photos

If it’s easier, create a new album on your Facebook Page called, for example, ‘Featured Photos’. Upload the bottom photo first, followed by the middle photo, and then the top photo. You should see something like this:

4) Display your photos

By default (I think), the Featured Photos section on your Facebook Page will show your 3 most popular photos. We need to change this. Go to the Featured Photos section, and click ‘Display most recent content‘.

Now, you should see your 3 segments in reverse chronological order, which is what we intended.

There we have it!

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