Intra-platform exclusion in software markets

1 year ago • Publications

A large proportion of our online activity takes place through a handful of platforms. With increased hostility towards the prevalence of vertical integration in tech markets and calls for the breaking up of profitable technology companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, the time is ripe to devise antitrust rules that sensibly approach the […]

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Out of the Box: Illegal Tying and Google’s Suite of Apps for the Android OS

2 years ago • Publications

Abstract: This paper analyses Google’s practice of bundling certain smartphone applications together in a single suite that smartphone manufacturers pre-install on their devices, which is currently under antitrust scrutiny in multiple jurisdictions. After describing the low burden of proof faced by the European Commission under European tying law, which diverges from modern economic thinking, this […]

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Online Search and the Limits of Market Definition

3 years ago • Publications

Abstract: In this paper I show how the market definition exercise cannot fulfill its role as an indicator of market power in the context of online search. Differentiation on the web is so high and the cost of switching between heterogeneous services is so low that the traditional delineator of relevant market boundaries, namely reasonable substitutability, […]

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